RDCR 301 Exam sample questions

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1. A subreport that gets its parameter values from fields in the main report is a

a. Unlinked subreport

b. Linked subreport


Ans: b


2. On-demand subreports are or can be

a. Linked

b. Unlinked

c. Executed when the user clicks the hyperlink

d. Opened in-place in the report

e. Opened in their own Preview tab

Ans : a, b, c, e


3. Which methods can be used to share data between a report and a subreport?

a. Selection formulas

b. Parameters

c. Global variables

d. Shared variables

e. Stored procedures

Ans : b, d


4. A shared variable must be declared in the main report before it is used in a


a. True

b. False

Ans : b


5. If Convert Other NULL Values to Default is checked, then

a. NULL numeric formulas will return zero.

b. NULL string formulas will return blank.

c. NULL numeric database fields will display as zero.

d. NULL string database fields will display as blank.

Ans: a, b


6. What is the result of the following formula if Quantity is NULL, Price is $1.50,

and all report options are at their defaults?


a. Zero

b. $1.50


d. An error

e. 1

Ans :c


7. There are three records in a report. The values of FieldA are 100, NULL, and 50.

You insert a summary on FieldA and choose Average. What will the average be?

a. 75

b. 50


d. An error

e. Zero




8. Which of the following data source types are selected for use in a report via the

Database Expert?

a. Tables

b. Views

c. Stored procedures

d. SQL Commands

e. Business Views

Ans : All


9. The Current Connections folder lists

a. Data sources used in the active report file

b. Data sources used in all open report files

c. Connected data sources for the active report file

d. Connected data sources for all open report files

e. All connected data sources

Ans: e


10. The Add Command is not supported for which of the following database types?

a. Oracle

b. DB2

c. SQL Server

d. Informix

e. Sybase

Ans: b, d, e


11. OLE DB is similar to ODBC except that

a. No database layer is required.

b. An OLE DB provider is required instead of an ODBC driver.

c. Crystal Reports does not supply OLE DB providers.

d. Crystal Reports does not supply ODBC drivers.

e. OLE DB only works against Microsoft databases.

Ans :d


12. Which of the following could be used in a record selection formula that is

passed to the server?

a. @Discount

b. %Discount

c. #Discount

d. ?Discount

e. IsNull


Ans : b, d, e


13.  Which two utilities can be used to test ODBC connections and run queries?

a. SQLCon32

b. ODBC Trace

c. ODBC Test

d. Dependency Walker

e. Modules

Ans : a, c


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